Seahawk Advantage


  • Over 30 years of building experience, dedicated to customer service with thousands of satisfied home owners throught Ontario.

  • Sea Hawk Homes achieve superior energy efficiency.  

  • Precision engineering allows us to build your home stronger.

  • Every home is built using the highest quality materials and brand name products that you have learned to trust.

  • Quality control procedures unsurpassed in the building industry.

  • Every home we build is covered from top to bottom by our 2 -10 buyers warranty.

  • Custom design and engineering services available.

  • At  Sea Hawk Homes we guaranty the price.  NO HIDDEN SURPRISES.

  • All prices include delivery and installation, to the customers site
  • We are committed to building the highest quality homes for the best prices and to ensure that each home buyer is 100% satisfied.

  • We invite you to come and see why so many home buyers choose Sea Hawk Homes to build their new home.

  • Sea Hawk Homes build ultra high performance homes that achieve superior energy efficiency, using superior materials and methods.

  • Sea Hawk Homes acomplish better thermal performance than homes that only meet standard building code.

  • Precision engineering allows us to build your home better and stronger with advanced building systems.

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